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Starz to sample two premieres on Facebook

Blunt Talk and Survivor's Remorse, strictly traditional TV shows, will have their debuts streamed in full on the social media platform.
August 18, 2015

In an effort to draw more buzz around its cable offerings, Starz is offering two episodes of its original series up to viewers on Facebook.

The series premiere of Blunt Talk, starring Patrick Stewart, and the second season premiere Survivor’s Remorse, executive produced by LeBron James, are currently available to stream in full on Stewart and James’ respective Facebook pages. The episodes will be available on the pages until the series’ linear premieres on Aug. 22.

Starz has previously showcased previews and trailers on platforms such as Facebook, including Power and Outlander, but this is the linear cable network’s first time streaming full episodes.

Alison Hoffman, EVP, marketing at Starz, said going one step further into digital is a natural move to promote programming.

“Going beyond the usual trailers and promos and sampling full episodes shows a confidence in and a commitment to the programming,” she told StreamDaily via email.

She added that the star power of Stewart and James on social media is part of what gives the campaign such a boost — Stewart boasts 670,000 “likes” to his Facebook page, while James has more than 22 million.

“Having LeBron James and Patrick Stewart share early previews of their shows is a great way to get viewers watching, buzzing and sharing our content,” she said.

Stewart stars in his show as Walter Blunt, a well-intentioned, but occasionally misguided British newscaster who moves to the U.S. with a goal of conquering American cable news. Survivor’s Remorse stars Jessie Usher as Cam Calloway, a young basketball player who is suddenly thrust into the sports spotlight after signing a pro contract.

The two series are native to the Starz network, but will also be available to subscribers on Starz’ on-demand service.

The decision to stream the premieres is yet another move that suggests Facebook’s authority in the world of video streaming is on the rise. The social media platform has recently received exclusive streaming rights to a number of TV and film projects, including its recent deal with George Takei to screen his new documentary series.

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