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Reuters introduces new video platform for clients

The international news agency has already partnered with three video distributors to provide clients with supplementary video content.
August 14, 2015

News gathering agency Reuters is now providing clients with access to premium video content through the Reuters Partner Marketplace.

Now, news and media publishers can gain access to licensed video content from Reuters partners, which include Rumble, Hollywood.TV and Next Media Animation. The video content can be used to supplement news content much like Reuters’ photo and written content, as well as its own video.

Reuters has had its own video news content for some time,  but through the partnerships with providers such as Rumble and Hollywood.TV it is able to provide more niche-interest video.

Rumble specializes in social video, with many bite-sized, share-able videos of puppies to pranks, but also feature longer-form videos depicting social experiments (pictured) and intense rescues.

Its other partners Hollywood.TV and Next Media Animation provide celebrity gossip and animated videos, respectively.

Much of the content from those providers will be exclusive to Reuters, according to the company. Financial details of the deal have not been released.

Earlier in 2015, Reuters launched Reuters TV, a paid subscription app with curated video news content targeted at news consumers.

This new service, however, is targeted at global news agencies.

Hristo Guertchev, senior product manager for Reuters said in a statement the company aims to provide its media clients with as much relevant video news as possible, and plans on expanding beyond its inaugural partners.

Guertchev said the plan is to add new partners over the next few months “to further enhance our offering to clients.”

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