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Conn Fishburn on Zealot’s acquisition of Allscreen

The digital media company will now have access to more than 500 publishers, including The Los Angeles Times.
August 14, 2015

Zealot Networks, the digital media company started by Maker Studios founder Danny Zappin (pictured, right), has acquired multi-platform distribution company, Allscreen.

Conn Fishburn (pictured, left), co-founder and chief strategy officer of Zealot, told StreamDaily the company had been looking to partner with a digital distributor for some time, but it was Allscreen’s scale of clientele — and its team — that clinched the deal.

Media companies “are all in a war for attention. It’s about creating content that’s relevant to people on relevant platforms,” said Fishburn.

Enter Allscreen, which is backed by high-profile investors such as Mark Cuban, Jonathan Kraft, Y Combinator and Skip Paul and, by its own statistics, currently partners with 500 content publishers (including The Los Angeles Times and Working Mother Magazine) with 250 monthly video uploads among them.

Under the deal, Zealot, which specializes in connecting businesses with revenue, distribution and development opportunities, gains access to these platforms.

Fishburn said Allscreen’s comprehension of different media consumption habits, and how that impacts cross-platform distribution, fit with his own’s company’s efforts to merge old and new ideas.

“We’re not an old media company that believes in holding on for dear life to an outdated model,” said Fishburn, who said that understanding all distribution platforms is essential for relevance.

At the same time, he said, “Great storytelling will always be relevant. What the best shows and narratives have in common is that they’re all centered around great character development and compelling stories.”

And that, he said, can be translated across any platform.

“Storytelling isn’t just limited to a half-hour or hour segment,” he said.

Financial details of the deal were not released. According to the company, the purchase is a 100% acquisition through a combination of cash and stock.

Zealot has made more than 15 acquisitions in the past year, including digital marketing agency Threshold Interactive, video production company Lord Danger and marketing companies Neighbor Agency and Idea Farmer.

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