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Facebooker Jack Jones signs with Rightster

The Brit is the first social media influencer to partner with the MCN as it looks to grow its creator network and boost its platform-agnostic approach.
August 10, 2015

British Facebooker Jack Jones has signed with MCN Rightster in a bid to boost his online video presence and secure brand deals for his Jack Jones TV page.

Jack Jones has garnered some 2.4 million “likes” to date to his Facebook page, where he posts videos pranking people, chatting up women, joking and connecting with strangers on the street. His highest-ranking video achieved 13 million views.

Jones is also on YouTube, where he has 183,000 subscribers and 8.5 million views, and 59,500 followers on Vine.

He is the first Facebook-native influencer to partner with Rightster, as the company looks to grow its creator network and strengthen its platform-agnostic approach, according to a rep for the MCN.

Under the one-year partnership contract (led by Jones’ talent agency, Big Talent), Rightster is obligated to supply multi-platform distribution services, audience-development support and online video expertise for Jack Jones TV. In addition, Rightster is expected to connect Jack Jones TV with its network of partners for brand deals, to build the Jack Jones TV online presence.

Jones said, in a statement, that the deal is specifically aimed at developing and promoting his YouTube channel.

Jamie Searle, director of content partnerships and creator services at Rightster, called Jones a “phenomenal” talent, and noted, in particular, the young creator’s ability to build up his audience on his own.

“We are very impressed with how quickly he has established his brand and are delighted that our first Facebook-native partnership is with such an influential figure,” said Searle in the media release.

Rightster’s network includes 2,500 content creators across various platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook, meanwhile, has been steadily increasing its profile as a video service and potential competitor for YouTube. In a recent Q2 financial earnings report, the social media giant stated that “billions” of videos on Facebook are watched every day (though no specific numbers were revealed). The platform recently acquired George Takei’s new documentary series, Allegiance: Trek to Broadway, as well as the streaming rights to three animated shorts by Shorts International.



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