Glamour series offers life hacks in five words or less

From getting a second date to getting out of work early, the new collection of videos are meant to compliment the magazine's print content.
July 27, 2015

In a world filled with 140-character stories and six-second videos, a new branded digital series by Canadian women’s magazine Glamour offers viewers some vital life hacks — in five words or less.

Posted on, the series offers quick advice from strangers on the street that are designed to help viewers land a second date, kiss better or get out of work early.

“Don’t talk about exes,” cautioned one woman, flashing her wedding ring, during an episode called “How To Get A Second Date In 5 Words or Less.”

For “How To Get Out of Work Early In 5 Words or Less,” one man said, “My grandma died again” while another says “I have to walk the dog.”

And, finally, there’s “How To Kiss Well in 5 Words or Less,” with the memorable “Fresh breath, please” from one young woman and another pleading to “Manage your spit levels.”

The minute-long segments are available on and its YouTube channel.

The Toronto-based magazine has been producing videos complimentary to their print content for years, but it’s been dabbling in original serial creations since 2014. Its first effort was the docu-series, The Making of Mesponsored by Clinique.’s most-recent original series, It’s Not OK, Cupidlaunched in March.

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