YouTube stays strong as brand investment rises: study

New analysis by Google and Pixability shows top brands are banking on YouTube content and driving up engagement in the platform.
July 20, 2015

There’s been no shortage of speculation about YouTube’s future in the video ad business, as new players (led by Facebook) enter the market, looking to win over viewers and content partners by offering rich rewards in a return for a shift in loyalty.

Google itself is the latest to weigh in on the chatter. A new analysis by the Silicon Valley giant (and YouTube parent co) indicates there’s no cause for concern: The world’s best brands are increasing their investment in content and driving a rise in engagement in the platform along with it.

Google and video ad platform Pixability analyzed the trends for the world’s 100 top brands when it comes to uploading content to YouTube, using Interbrand’s Best Global Brands ranking from 2014 to determine which brands were included. Data was pulled from all YouTube accounts associated with a brand, including regional accounts for a specific country, which brought the total number of channels to 2,434.

Together, the top 100 brands have earned more than 40 billion views on 611,000 videos to date, with the number of videos earning over one million views, growing 29% compared to last year. On average, a new video by a top brand gets posted every 18.5 minutes in 2015.

In terms of engagement, 73 million people are subscribed to the channels, a number that has risen 47% compared to last year. The videos have over 16 million comments and 90 million likes, more than ten times higher than the amount of dislikes.

When it comes to paid investment, there are 40% more advertisers running paid video ads compared to last year, with the average spend for the top 100 advertisers on the platform up by 60%.

On the list of the top 10 highest-performing ads on YouTube in 2014, the average length of a video was 2:39 minutes. Among the top 100 brands, 10% of the videos uploaded in the last year are over 10 minutes long, which Google suggested in a blog post on the data means more brands are creating “made-for-YouTube content” in addition to standard 15- and 30-second spots.

The most popular day of the week for a brand to post content to YouTube is Thursday, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday, which the report points out makes it easier to capitalize on search performance for higher traffic on weekends.

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