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Youtube brings 60 fps streaming to mobile

The Google-owned platform began offering a higher frame rate to desktop video in 2014. It's now available to Android and iOS users.
July 6, 2015

Faster, cleaner video is coming to a Youtube mobile app near you.

As of this month, Android and iOS users can now watch Youtube videos at 60 frames per second (fps), up from 30 fps. Google made the announcement on the Youtube Creators Plus page on June 30.

Youtube first began rolling out that frame rate on videos in 2014 across its desktop platform. More recently, the Google-owned video-streaming platform announced it was bringing in 60 fps to its live-streaming features on desktop, giving the platform a competitive edge against the dedicated gaming streaming service, Twitch.

Now, that high-frame rate will be applied to videos in the palm of users’ hands.

The change will take place when users perform the latest update to their mobile app.

It’s a well-timed move — studies indicate mobile-video consumption is more popular than ever, driving up demand for higher-quality video. A recent study from the International Advertising Bureau revealed that the popularity of long-form video (five minutes or more) on mobile is growing.

Those trends are reflected elsewhere in the industry. AOL promised to unveil a “mobile-first” platform this summer to reflect consumers’ rapid shift to mobile, with CEO Tim Armstrong estimating that, in the coming years, mobile users will represent 80% of all digital media consumers.

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