Paul Rabil and Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect scores hit with LG partnership

The six-and-a-half minute branded video, featuring trick shots by lacrosse star Paul Rabil, broke more than one million views in 24 hours.
July 3, 2015

For the second summer in a row, star Youtubers Dude Perfect (5.9 million subscribers and 740 million views) have scored big with a branded video shot, in part, on an LG phone.

The six-and-a-half minute video, featuring some pretty impressive trick shots by lacrosse ace Paul Rabil (pictured with camera), went live June 29. To date, it’s garnered more than 2.2 million views – half of those within the first 24 hours.

Brian Selander, Whistle Sports EVP, said the MCN brokered the deal with sponsor LG.

Selander said Dude Perfect and Paul Rabil were looking for a project on which they could work together. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. and Rabil (known as the “LeBron of Lacrosse”) is considered its most recognizable star. 

In 2014, LG and Dude Perfect teamed up for a branded video that focused on the opening of Dude Perfect headquarters in Dallas. The video has since broken 12 million views on Youtube.

The latest LG collaboration shows clips of Rabil launching a lacrosse ball through two goal posts (that’s the entire length of a football field) and gleefully obliterating a variety of smashable objects, from a watermelon to a gallon of milk.

“Filming part of it with an LG phone made perfect sense. Our sales team brought the idea to the company and they’d been so satisfied with last summer’s results that they jumped in,” Selander said in an email to StreamDaily.

At one point, Tyler Toney of the Dudes uses the phone to film what it’s like to be a goalie with Rabil charging at the net. (Answer? Pretty scary.) In another trick, Toney and Rabil play the world’s longest game of catch. That last clip was shot via a drone and earned a mention on ESPN‘s top plays of the day.

The Dudes have previously teamed with other corporate sponsors to produce integrated content that fits with the group’s family friendly, frat-house-fun style. Selander hinted that the next sponsored Dude Perfect collaboration brokered by Whistle Sports includes the star of an upcoming summer blockbuster in advance of his movie release. The company was keeping the name of the film and its star close to its vest until the deal is inked, but Selander said the video will be “marvelous.”  

Launched in early 2014, Whistle Sports has been building up its library of videos covering basketball, baseball, soccer and football, as well as niche sports such as football freestyle, skateboarding, trick shots and ultimate Frisbee. It currently has more than 19.6 million subscribers and 3.6 billion views across 305 channels.


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