Hulu launches third season of Subway-branded series

The 4 to 9ers features a group of college graduates struggling to accept adulthood, a message intended to reach millennials.
June 26, 2015

The 4 to 9ers, Subway’s short-form branded content series for millennials, recently launched its third season on Hulu.

Set at the fictional Muskfield Mall in Chicago, The 4 to 9ers follows a group of young, part-time employees at a Subway sandwich chain.

The first season focused on high school students working part-time jobs but the second season shifted the focus to recent college graduates trying to save up money and move out of their parents’ homes.

The third season (titled “Life as We Know It”) premiered June 23, and will continue to focus on the post-grad part-timers.

Working at a fast-food restaurant following college graduation is something that has resonated with the show’s younger audience, said Stuart McLean, founder of the L.A.-based studio Content & Co., which produced the show.

“Our viewers want to watch a series where they see their peers going through the same trials and triumphs of life that they are experiencing,” said McLean in a statement.

New episodes will drop every Tuesday. The third season consists of five eight-minute episodes and will also feature additional content on YouTube and Facebook. Following the season finale on Hulu, the show will move to Yahoo Screen for a 10-week run.

Tony Pace, global CMO at Subway franchise world headquarters, said that millennials are more receptive to branded content than past generations have been.

This year has seen a number of short-form branded content series on digital platforms targeted at 18-35 year olds, including MsLabelled (a collaboration between Shaw Media, Smokebomb Entertainment and Schick Quattro for Women) and, more recently, Vanity (StyleHaul’s original series launched from a partnership with Maybelline).

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