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Vice News unveils dedicated Canadian team

The youth-oriented digital studio also has a presence in the U.S., U.K., France and Spain, with more offices on the way across Europe and Latin America.
June 23, 2015

Vice News now has its own team to cover Canadian events and issues through dedicated editorial and video content.

Vice announced its expansion into the Great White North in a news release on June 22.

The youth-oriented media company had previously launched dedicated news teams in the U.S., U.K., France and Spain. Canada is the latest territory to have a dedicated team.

Vice News’s Canadian team consists of Natalie Alcoba (managing editor), Allya Davidson (producer), and Ben Makuch (associate news editor). Justin Ling will serve as a parliamentary correspondent, and Rachel Browne and Hilary Beaumont have been hired as staff reporters. Davidson will be in charge of producing video content with the help of the Canadian editorial and production teams. Makuch will also work as a video host.

At the helm is Alcoba, who spent more than a decade at Toronto’s National Post daily newspaper, most recently as a city hall reporter.

“Our dedicated Canadian news team brings tenacity and experience to their respective roles,” said Alcoba in a media statement. “I can’t wait to see how we plug into Vice’s global network of contributors by expanding our editorial and video coverage, and investigating stories that don’t get enough attention in Canada.”

Vice started out as an arts and culture magazine in Montreal, Canada in 1994. In the late 1990s, Vice moved its operations to New York City, where it remains independently operated.

The Vice News global news channel was established in December 2013. Vice’s YouTube network boasts more than 11.5 million subscribers across 18 channels including Vice Sports, Munchies (food content) and Noisey (music). In April at its MIP TV Digital Fronts presentation, publisher Shanon Kelley confirmed the creation of a new female-oriented channel, Broadly, though no launch date was specified.

Vice News has previously covered Canadian content by its Canadian editorial team and contributors (including Ling and Makuch) prior to the establishment of the new, dedicated team.

This includes issues such as the government surveillance bill C-51 and the release of inmate Omar Khadr. Earlier in 2015, Toronto’s CN Tower was the subject of a parody news feature (pictured) on Vice’s weekly HBO show. Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford was so colorful during his reign that he has his own dedicated tab on the Vice site.

Canadian content will go live through, with video content uploaded through Vice’s dedicated YouTube channel.

Vice is also slated to establish news teams for Mexico, Germany, Italy, Australia and Brazil later in 2015.

Vice News is far from the only digital media company to see opportunity in Canada. Buzzfeed and Collective Digital Studio have both recently set up shop in Canada, with the latter scoring a major deal with Blue Ant Media and Taco Bell to launch a Canadian campaign with the YouTubers behind Epic Meal Time.

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