Long-form video a hit on mobile: survey

One-third of respondents across 24 countries watch at least one video that's five minutes or longer on a mobile device every day.
June 8, 2015

Mobile video is not just about short form video. It’s increasingly used to consume long-form video as well, according to a new survey by the Interactivel Advertising Bureau (IAB).

The survey, released June 8 by the New York-based organization, found 36% of respondents in 24 countries (200 in each country) watch at least one video per day that is five minutes or longer on their mobile phones.

Joe Laszlo (pictured), senior director, Mobile Marketing Centre of Excellence at IAB and author of the study, said those facts run contrary to a common belief about mobile video consumption trends.

“There’s an assumption the only content young people watch on their phones are short viral videos, movie trailers and music videos,” Laszlo told StreamDaily.

Laszlo noted there are significant variations evident from region to region. Turkey, Finland, Russia, China and Singapore, for example, yielded some of the strongest responses on watching long-form video on mobile, with Chinese viewers ranking highest in this category.

That’s an important factor for advertisers and content creators to consider.

“Don’t just think of the video audience globally as one uniform audience,” said Laszlo.

Among other key points highlighted:

  • Movies and TV shows are popular among U.S. and Canadian mobile video audiences (the two were grouped together for this segment). Thirty percent of smartphone video viewers in the U.S. and Canada report using their smartphones to watch TV shows, and 20% use them to watch full movies.
  • 80% of respondents in most markets expressed that they preferred ads to be tailored, rather than an ad be the same as one they’ve seen on TV.

“Participants said if they’ve got to watch an ad for some kind of free video, it might as well be an ad that’s relevant, or might be useful,” said Laszlo in reference to the latter point.

Laszlo said advertisers need to consider mobile viewing platforms more as a vehicle for ads.

“As the viewing audience is increasingly flexible, I think advertisers need to be more flexible,” he said.



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