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Data + content isn’t a magical formula

In his Stream Market keynote, LiquidThread's Brent Poer talks about the importance of a "frictionless" experience.
June 5, 2015

SANTA MONICA – In his Stream Market keynote address on opening day, June 4, Brent Poer, president of LiquidThread North America, told the crowd when people in the industry use big data “they think (they’re) creating this unicorn.”

Poer is less impressed.

“I don’t think it’s the salve everyone is looking for,” Poer told StreamDaily following his talk. “Data can be carved up a million different ways to serve a million different purposes, and so can content. I think it’s about creating guidelines and guardrails, so you’re making good decisions and being able to validate it in the right way so you’re not making it from a this-is-my-personal-belief perspective.”

In his address, Poer pointed out there is a huge push on e-commerce in videos right now, and “frictionless is about to be the new buzzword.”

“We want to disrupt, but we don’t want it to be a disruption,” said Poer, who has done big campaigns for beauty brands such as Cover Girl. “Some content shouldn’t have e-commerce.

“E-commerce has to be in the right space and at the right time. The wrong time can be: they’re not thinking about this, it’s overly-branded, it’s pushing something they feel isn’t an authentic moment for them to even care about it, and it actually pisses them off and makes them not like the brand.”

E-commerce should also be convenient and reasonably priced, according to Poer.

“If they want the smoky eye look, they should be able to get all the components,” he said. And “if it’s below $10… it’s easier to buy on a whim, versus when it get’s into certain pricing categories, (and) people have to think about it before they purchase it.”

It all goes back to the advice he got from his old boss and mentor, former Lifetime Network president and CEO Carole Black: “Let the consumer be your guide. [They] have to be your overall North Star.”

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