AOL.com goes mobile first, expands video presence

The relaunched website taps into the 79.5% spike in unique mobile views since June 2014.
June 3, 2015

A month after it was purchased by Verizon in a deal worth $4.4 billion, AOL.com has relaunched as a video destination.

The refreshed site, unveiled June 3, will feature accelerated video programming and be mobile-first as a platform, in a bid to help serve a new audience visiting the site via all devices, the company said in a statement.

AOL.com has experienced a 79.5% increase in unique mobile views since June 2014, with mobile accounting for 37.8% of the site’s traffic overall, according to the company.

The updated AOL.com is also intended to be creator-friendly, offering a strategy of programming modules designed to be distributed across social platforms that will deliver content that is trending and relevant, based on real-time audience insights.

It’s a move the company hopes will drive more engagement and attract new audiences.

The refresh was widely expected by analysts who saw the Verizon purchase as a means for the company to put in motion its OTT video strategy and LTE to deliver more content to more people across multiple devices and platforms.  

 Photo credit: Peter McCollough for Wired via Creative Commons.



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