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Sneak preview: 30 Minutes With…Ali Adab

Got questions on how and who to pitch, or the types of projects BBTV is looking for? We've got the answers.
May 28, 2015

With just days to go before Stream Market opens on June 4 and 5 in Santa Monica, the StreamDaily team has been putting together a Q&A series that showcases some of our top industry speakers.

Our “30 Minutes With…” sessions are a returning favorite at the Market. The sessions feature some of the most in-demand online original buyers and commissioners talking candidly about their programming strategies, future plans and priorities.

We caught up with Ali Adab, VP content and partnerships at BroadbandTV, a multi-channel network based in Vancouver, Canada, to bring you a sneak peek of some of the industry insider information he’ll share as he takes to the stage of the Fairmont Miramar Hotel next week.

Got questions on how to pitch, who to pitch and the types of projects BBTV is looking for? We’ve got the answers

Tell us a little about yourself – What’s your main job description?

My role is to grow and develop BBTV’s multi-channel network, oversee original content initiatives and expand our network in new and emerging markets.

What do you love best about the work?

I love being part of a company that’s at the intersection of entertainment and technology. There’s a huge shift happening with the way content is created and distributed and BBTV is at the forefront of this transformation.

Do you take unsolicited pitches from content creators and producers?

We’re more focused on discovering content that fits within our brands and verticals. In terms of existing producers and creators we work with. We are always open to hearing new concepts that they are interested in pursuing.

What types of programming are you looking for this year?

BBTV’s core verticals are gaming, entertainment, music, and kids & family. We’re really looking to develop content that fits within these categories. We will also be announcing a strategic partnership in another vertical later this year, and will further expand the breadth of programming we are looking for.

Who is your target demo and audience?

It definitely varies, but the majority of our audience falls within the millennial demographic. We’re also reaching a younger audience through the kids & family entertainment vertical, in which we are the leader with our HooplaKidz brand.

What are some pitching ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’, or what shouldn’t people do when pitching to you?

We typically work with producers and creators that have already reached a significant amount of traction on their own and, so, for us, sending examples of content that’s been released and has had a positive response is recommended.

What’s the preferred approach to pitch?

Our preferred approach is to discover talented creators or producers and approach them, rather than vice versa. If we feel that the content is relevant to our brands and our value proposition meets their needs, then it becomes mutually beneficial.

Do you have sizzle reel tips?

Being able to see the content is vital, but it’s also important to include credits, stats, biographies of the people involved and any other relevant info. Package your content in a way that is presentable rather than just sending a link to view the sizzle reel.

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