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Shomi goes out of beta and into OTT

The market seems ripe for competition, with an estimated 80% of Canadians watching video content through streaming devices in 2014.
May 28, 2015

The Canadian OTT market is expanding, with Shomi shifting out of beta.

Rogers and Shaw Media announced this week that streaming service Shomi will be available to all Canadians this summer.

The streaming co-venture launched last fall and has since been available only to customers of the telcos. An exact date for the release has not been released.

Although the media companies pledged from the start to open Shomi up to all Canadians following a beta period, the call to do so was reinforced by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the media regulatory body in Canada, earlier this spring.

The market seems ripe for competition. According to the last MTM report, 80% of Anglophone Canadians were watching video content through streaming devices in 2014, with about 39% of English Canadians having a Netflix subscription.

Netflix penetration across Canada varies, with cities in the western part of the country — notably Calgary (53%) and Edmonton (50%) — posting Netflix penetration tallies far in excess of the 39% national average.

The pricing structure for Shomi will remain the same, $8.99 Cdn (about $7.25 U.S.)  a month, with the first month free. The streamer will be available through set-top boxes for Rogers and Shaw, as well as online, through Xbox 360, AppleTV and Chromecast.

Story courtesy of Media in Canada

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