Epic Meal Time Quesarito

Collective Digital Studio and Epic Meal Time bring Quesarito to Canada

Less than a month after opening a Toronto office, CDS teams with Taco Bell for a brand integration.
May 20, 2015

Jordan Bortolotti left his post at Blue Ant Media last month to head up Collective Digital Studio’s (CDS) new Toronto office, but he must still be on good terms with his old employers. CDS has partnered with Blue Ant to broker a deal between Taco Bell Canada and the nation’s most popular homegrown YouTube channels, Epic Meal Time, for a campaign to launch the new Quesarito in the country.

Blue Ant brokered the deal and helped generate the concept in partnership and with agencies MediaCom Beyond Advertising and Grip Limited and Epic Meal Time, the latter of which produced the video (below), in which host Harley Morenstein and his cohorts create a giant Quesarito, containing an estimated 38,810 calories and 2460 grams of fat.

The video will live on Epic Meal Time’s web site and YouTube channel (6.76 million subscribers/802 million views). Taco Bell Canada leverage the content to engage with their consumers on its social media channels, using bite-sized gifs from the video to tease the user’s appetite.

Although the Montreal-based Morenstein is still food obsessed, he’s branching out into other manly pursuits. At CDS’ NewFront presentation earlier this month, the company announced it will launch Epic Tool Time, a new show in which the Epic Meal Time gang turns its attention to crafting extreme gadgets.

Morenstein, who famously declared at last fall’s Streamy Awards that “any YouTuber that touched this microphone tonight (on stage) is a millionaire,” has also taken the brand to TV with the FYI series Epic Meal Empire. Last month, he revealed that he had partnered with razor maker Schick for a video in which he shaved his signature beard.

Epic Meal Time is one of over 1,000 channels in CDS’ YouTube multi-channel network. CDS also produces Video Game High School, as well as branded content for companies such as Verizon, Dodge, Estee Lauder, Unilever and Sony PlayStation.

Blue Ant Media is a Toronto-based company with 10 owned and operated consumer brands — including Cottage Life, AUX, Love Nature and Smithsonian Channel Canada – which publishes original content via television, magazines, mobile and the web, and produces experiential events and consumer shows. It also has an investment in Omnia Media, a Los-Angeles-based YouTube network, and recently acquired Choice TV, a New Zealand broadcast network.

Image: screengrab of Epic Meal Time’s Dave Heuff from “Epic Quesarito” video.

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