YouTube Spaces has a Field Day

The video hosting giant's global studio program launches a new channel dedicated to the work of boundary-pushing creators.
May 15, 2015

YouTube Spaces has announced that it is launching Field Day, a channel featuring content from creators who push the boundaries of their creativity through the use of unique locations and enhanced production tools, from prosthetic makeup to aerial drones.

Since launching in 2012, the YouTube Spaces program – which currently has production facilities in Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo, São Paulo and Berlin — has produced more than 10,000 videos, which have generated more than 1 billion views and 70 million hours of watch time.

The Field Day channel launched on Thursday with the following videos:

  • Home Sweet Whittier – Michael Stevens of Vsauce (8.7 million subscribers) travels with a documentary crew to Whittier, Alaska, a town with a population of 222 that is only accessible by land via a single lane, two-mile tunnel that stretches through many of Alaska’s most dangerous mountains and glaciers.
  • 100 Years of Beauty: Aging – The team behind the channel Cut (377,000 subscribers) enlists special makeup effects artists to transform an engaged couple in their 20s into older versions of themselves through the years.
  • Star Fox in Real Life – Matthew Patrick (a.k.a MatPat, pictured) from the channel The Game Theorists (4.4 million subscribers) takes to the skies with a stunt pilot to try the daredevil aerial movements seen in the videogame Star Fox.
  • Dancing with the Cars – Amymarie Gaertner (296,000 subscribers) teams with director Karim Zariffa to produce a music video for a new song from YouTube DJ Steve Porter using 189 remote-control cars and several flying drones draped in white dresses as mechanical back-up dancers.

The videos were created with support from production company 1stAveMachine, which helped facilitate logistics, but the videos were conceived and produced by the creators themselves.

The Field Day channel will also be showcasing videos from Action Movie Kid, Improv Everywhere, Mike Relm , Devinsupertramp, MysteryGuitarMan, SoulPancake and Tatia Pilieva (the director of the viral “First Kiss” video).

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