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Xfinity sponsors Taylor Swift tour, promises online exclusives

Viewers will get backstage pre-show access, plus a library of videos and other curated items about the pop superstar.
May 8, 2015

Comcast’s SVOD Xfinity is sponsoring Taylor Swift’s current 1989 tour, and its viewers are going to be some of the beneficiaries of the deal.

Xfinity will offer daily backstage videos on the preparation process behind each day of the tour when, on May 20, it assumes lead sponsorship on the last 58 dates of the seven-time Grammy-winning country-turned-pop superstar’s 60-date world tour.

Viewers will also receive on-demand access to a curated collection of movies, TV show and talk-show appearances by Swift, as well her music videos.

Swift, who has sold more than 40 million albums and 130 million downloads, has registered several billion views on Vevo of her recent hits: 151 million of her latest hit, “Style”; more than 825 million of “Blank Space”; and 781 million of her chart-topper “Shake It Off.”

When the video for “Style” was released on February 13, Vevo commissioned Nielsen to conduct a custom analysis on reach that was comparable to linear TV. The results revealed that Swift’s catalogue of videos, including “Style,” drew 25 million viewers to Vevo, which is partially owned by her label, Universal Music, and holds her entire album catalogue.

Screen shot of Taylor Swift’s “Style” taken from Vevo.

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