Maker Studios signs Rachel Zoe

The stylist brings her 12 million-strong social following into the creator community of 55,000.
April 27, 2015

Disney’s Maker Studios has signed stylist Rachel Zoe to a multiple-platform content deal, a source has confirmed to StreamDaily.

The partnership between Maker and the Zoe Media Group – the digital division of Rachel Zoe Inc. – will work together to create original content across platforms, including the welcoming of the existing  Zoe Report YouTube channel into the Maker family.

Designer, author and entrepreneur Zoe joins Maker’s community of 55,000 creators as editor-in-chief of the Zoe Report and will work with Maker to help grow its fan base, optimize content and collaborate with global brands.

The Zoe Media Group reaches nearly two million readers via the Zoe Report website and e-newsletters, boasting nearly 12 million social followers.

Creative Commons photo attributed to Christopher Masurak and a derivative by Kürschner.

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