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Vice confirms Broadly, announces Live Nation channel

The traditionally male-oriented publisher is gearing content exclusively toward women with one of its latest channels.
April 15, 2015

New York-based magazine, website and multi-media company Vice took the opportunity during its MIP TV Digital Fronts presentation earlier today to confirm one channel and announce another.

Although a launch date wasn’t mentioned, publisher Shanon Kelley confirmed the creation of Broadly, a new video channel gearing content exclusively to women – a departure for the brand which has traditionally been male-oriented.

“If you look at the current landscape of women’s media, there is no global platform that really talks to women the way that we talk to each other that specializes in online video content, especially in the voice, attitude and approach to investigative journalism that we do at Vice,” Kelley told the MIP audience.

Vice CCO Eddy Moretti was up next, confirming Vice would launch a channel with Los Angeles-based concert promoters Live Nation Entertainment that would include tracking eight major artists on tour this summer, culminating in a live one-hour concert.

While Moretti said the channel would launch in May, no title of the channel was mentioned in the presentation.

Moretti also took the occasion to mention that Vice was in a partnership with Twentieth Century Fox to produce two feature films a year for the next three years, and that two films were currently in production, though, again, few details were mentioned.

And that still wasn’t the end of the Vice news: Alex Miller, global content head, announced Vice would create a 30-minute nightly news program “for young people” that would run on HBO Now’s Vice channel and feature globally driven reporting.

Vice has been on an expansive tear lately, extending its partnership with HBO for another four years in March; and announcing the launch of a new studio in Toronto in a $100 million partnership with Rogers among its recent activity.

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