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Oz launches new subscription platform, signs Fuel TV

The new platform, hailing out of Iceland, lets creators set their own price and promises them 70% of the revenue.
April 10, 2015

Iceland-based Oz has created its first video-content platform for global subscription-based video channels, allowing content creators to launch individual subscription channels.

Accessible at or by downloading the Oz app in the Apple Store or via Google Play, Oz enables creators to set up a global subscription channel viewable in 150 countries without setup costs. Oz will allow creators to set their own subscription price, and offers them 70% of subscription revenues in exchange for handling worldwide distribution.

Oz, created by tech executive Gudjon Gudjonsson in 2009, also offers “Moments,” a tool that offers short video clips that subscribers can use to share content on social media, ideally driving viewers and traffic back to the original paid subscription site.

“Oz was built with the needs of the creative community in mind — better monetization opportunities, more easy-to-use tools to help individuals stand out from the crowd,” said Gudjonsson in a statement. “We are quickly growing in awareness and feel confident that creators based in the U.S. will see the appeal in what we are offering that is a complement to current established platforms.”

Oz also announced its first signing – extreme sports channel Fuel TV – with additional channels to be announced in the coming months.

Oz is currently in Los Angeles introducing potential clients to its services via the Oz Creators World Event being held at the Ace Hotel.

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