IPF shortlist: 27 web series projects make the first round

Sixteen English and 11 French-language projects from 195 proposals compete for financing from the Independent Production Fund.
April 2, 2015

The Independent Production Fund has unveiled a shortlist of 27 web series projects to make it past the first round of the process for possible funding selection.

The 16 English-language and 11 French-language web series that made the first cut are: Bonheur plan d’pauvre from Romeo and Fils; The CatHood from Shut Up and Colour Pictures; Chorea from Touchpoint Films; DemonX from Frostbite Pictures; Deux pigistes en cavale from Les Pigistes; Dhaliwal’ 15 from Vahana Films; Ecrivain public from Productions Babel; Epic Studios from Farmhouse Productions and Duopoly Canada; Halcyon from Secret Location; Haunters from Fauxhemian Films; Inheritance from Daniel Arnold Productions; Jeux de pouvoir from Attraction Images; Marc-en-peluche from Blachfilms; Les Millionaires from Urbania; Mouvement Deluxe from Sport; Mutha (pictured) from Artsy Fartsy Productions; My 90 Year Old Roommate from Slow Clap Films; Open Season from Open Season Productions; Petrol from N5 Pictures; Les Pouceux from Antoine Desjardins-Cauchon; Resurrectionist from Farmer Vision; Sharp from Le Groupe Kelvin; The Standoff from Unstoppable Urges Productions and From Here Productions; Squadron 86 from Space Mop; Switch & Bitch from Les Films Encyclopedine; White Ninja from Whiskaye Films and Y’a pas d’age from Turbulent.

The IPF fund invests around $1.5 million annually in 12 to 15 web series. The shortlist of 27 projects was pulled from an initial 195 proposals for web series received from across Canada.

The first cut of potential web series will now submit a detailed application for funding by May 4, 2015. An IPF jury and the fund’s board of directors will make the final decisions on which projects will receive funding in June.

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