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Chelsea Crockett talks taking BeautyLicous ‘Offline’ for HLN

The 17-year-old makeup guru gives StreamDaily the lowdown on her new TV special and learning to be choosy with brand partners.
March 26, 2015

Think of it as a mark of the growing maturity of the online video marketplace.

Seventeen-year-old makeup guru Chelsea Crockett’s success with her YouTube channel BeautyLiciousInsider – which recently surpassed the million subscriber mark – caught the eye of the HLN Network, which commissioned the TV special BeautyLicous Offline, airing this week, that explores how she and her family have been affected by fame and her new-found role as a breadwinner.

Crockett chatted with StreamDaily about how she turned a whim into a business – vlogging about everything from dealing with her period to products like Meze Headphones and Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion – and what she plans to do with it going forward.

You’re used to being on camera, but you’re used to being the one controlling it. Was there a period of adjustment when you invited the camera crew into your house and your lives?

Oh, yeah. They wanted to mike us, and I was like, “Who’s Mike?” As time went on, it got more comfortable and my family got used to it. But at first it was pretty crazy and weird to have 10 extra people in our house.

What got you started on YouTube? Did you have any plans or goals?

At first, it was just a matter of what made me happy and what my passion was at that moment. I started looking at a bunch of comedy videos online, and I realized the beauty community and the lifestyle area of YouTube didn’t have as much as I thought it could, and I really wanted to voice what I had to offer to the internet. I never really thought it would evolve to what it has today.

You started in 2011, when you were just 13. Can you remember your first brand deal?

No, I wish I did. There were a lot of little companies that I would get excited about in the beginning. [I would say] “Oh, my gosh, they sent me a tooth brush.” And I’d do a whole video with that, because I was so excited about it. Now, they’re bigger companies, so we have to think thoroughly if my audience is going to like this or if I’m being authentic about it and I actually enjoy the product.

My dad is my manager, so he goes through all the emails, talks on the phone with everyone, so I don’t have to while I go to school, so I’m not crazy, hectic woman, running all over the place.

How many times a week do you post videos?

I attend school regularly, so it’s kind of insane. I used to post about twice a week, but with the show and everything that’s going on lately, I consistently post on Mondays now, because I can promise at least one day a week. But as soon as things start to slow down, if they do, then I’ll try to post twice a week again.

For many YouTubers, the constant grind is pretty wearing. How long do you anticipate doing this?

I see myself doing YouTube for a long time. I do want to go to college and I do want to get that experience, because I eventually want to be able to travel as much as I can. I love traveling. I also love doing motivational speaking for younger girls. I want to be there (as) someone they can connect to online and feel comfortable with, who is always there for them. 

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