Toby “Tobuscus” Turner ups his own game

It's Tobuscus and Gabuscus against the world in the popular YouTube influencer's first video game.
March 25, 2015

Toby Turner, stand up comedian and actor better known to his 15 million YouTube subscribers as “Tobuscus,” has entered the video game biz.

Created as an iOS app, with Android and PC versions to follow, Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards is based on an episode from Turner’s animated series Tobuscus Adventures! in which Tobuscus and his best friend Gabuscus are forced to raise money on Indiegogo to save the world from zombies.

The gamer plays as Tobuscus wielding a magic spell book, earned after he or she incapacitates the Wizard of Whiteness.  As a wizard, players can teleport across 20 maps while training to defeat the Wizards of Darkness and defending a castle from zombies until Tobuscus is powerful enough to defeat the evil Wizards and save humanity.

There are also seven animated cut-scenes, and a portion of the $4.99 sale price will be pledged to an as yet-undetermined charity.

Turner, who has three YouTube channels,  raised the first $650,000 to create the game through a 2013 Indiegogo campaign, but says he waited until he was satisfied with the quality of the game before releasing it.

“This game has been an all-consuming passion of mine over the past year-and-a-half,”  said Turner in a statement. “Before I could release this game to the public, it had to be the best game, had to be fun and it had to have a ton of content my fans know me for. I’m happy to say we achieved what we wanted.”

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