Super Panic Frenzy

Discovery Digital Networks gets its game on with Super Panic Frenzy

Available on both YouTube and Twitch, the show will be anchored by online gaming stars Reina Scully, Philip DeFranco and Steven Suptic.
March 20, 2015

Discovery Digital Networks announced this week it is launching Super Panic Frenzy, a new gaming-focused brand featuring daily play-throughs and live streams, gaming news and original animations.

Available on both YouTube and Twitch, Super Panic Frenzy will be anchored by online gaming stars Philip DeFranco (The Philip DeFranco ShowThe Vloggity), Steven Suptic (mlgHwnT) and Reina Scully (SourceFedNERD), who collectively have nearly five million subscribers on the two platforms.

The launch is being promoted with product giveaways: when Super Panic Frenzy hits 100,000 and 250,000 subscribers, it will give away custom T-shirts from Discovery Digital Networks’ ForHumanPeoples merchandise brand, as well as a custom-skinned Xbox One signed by the Super Panic Frenzy crew.

Twitch is gaming-focused live-streaming video platform launched in 2011 as It was acquired by Amazon for $970 million in cash in August 2014, after a rumored billion dollar purchase by Google failed to materialize.

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