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Conde Nast Entertainment partners with Rapt Media for interactive enhancement

The partnership between the Colorado interactive video tech company and the publisher will offer clients interactive digital ads.
March 18, 2015

New York-based Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE) has teamed with Boulder, Colorado’s Rapt Media, an interactive video tech company, to offer enhanced interactive video program content and interactive advertising for CNE’s premium media brands.

CNE and Rapt Media will create interactive digital video content for the publisher’s premium digital video channel brands such as GQ, Wired and Vanity Fair, including video ads that give the viewer options to explore different avenues of action planted within the ad itself.

Rapt Media’s proprietary interactive video technology platform, an interactive storytelling technology using HTML5, allows for advertisers to offer potential consumers a choice of options, have them click on a category that appeals to them and taking them on a different journey than they might have experienced with a linear ad.

Rapt Media’s interactive video and ad technology will also provide analytics for CNE via Rapt’s video technology platform.

The co-created content for CNE’s digital video series will run exclusively on The Scene, the publisher’s media brand hub, which curates content from each of its different brand portfolios.

“Partnering with Rapt gives us a unique value proposition, and makes The Scene more effective in making connections between our audiences and advertisers,” said CNE’s Whitney Howard, SVP, business development and strategy, in a statement.

CNE will also offer Rapt Media’s mobile-friendly platform to advertisers through integrated marketing packages that will include interactive play within the actual ad.

“By adding interactivity to (CNE’s) native advertising and episodic programming, we are able to help them further elevate their brands to reach important digital audiences,” said Rapt Media CEO and co-founder Erika Trainman.

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