New online comedy series launches All Def Digital, WorldStar Hip Hop partnership

Russell Simmons (pictured) and Lee O'Denat will collaborate on creative video content for premium TV and subscription services.
March 13, 2015

World Star Headquarters, a 10-episode online scripted comedy series about a fictional team behind the Worldstarhiphop.com website, is the first project behind a new partnership between hip hop moguls Russell Simmons and Lee “Q” O’Denat.

Simmons, founder of the Def Jam record label and co-founder and chairman of All Def Digital, a multi-platform media company, has partnered with digital media entrepreneur O’Denat’s hip hop and urban culture website WorldStar Hip Hop to develop video programming content for premium television and subscription services as well as a yet-untitled motion picture for Paramount Pictures.

Beyond the first web series, the duo has not yet announced anything concrete, nor have they provided details on what types of channels or services they plan to approach.

A spokesman confirmed that no new projects beyond the online comedy World Star Headquarters were being announced at this time.

Bowing in April and available on All Def Digital’s YouTube channel as well as Worldstarhiphop.com, World Star Headquarters stars Jared Snow, who also directs and co-writes the series with co-star Cynthia LuCiette. Kevin Fredericks, Harris Sherman and @QWorldstar (O’Denat) serve as executive producers.

Each episode is 4-to-7 minutes in length and will roll out weekly.

In a statement, O’Denat said the new alliance with All Def Digital will help WorldStar Hip Hop, a digital hub for hip hop culture and news, and user-generated video content that attracts approximately 20 million page views a day and 30 million unique viewers a month, dramatically expand its vision and abilities.

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“All Def Digital’s cross-platform approach is the perfect partner for WorldStar Hip Hop to stretch its creative wings and grow as a media brand into the television, film and subscription arenas on a global basis,” said O’Denat. “Russell and his many groundbreaking initiatives have inspired me and shown me a world of possibilities that exist as we extend the WorldStar brand through cultural, comedic, and music programming across screens, from digital, to theaters and globally through premium and subscription television.”

Here is the trailer for World Star Headquarters:


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