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Nielsen report says 36% of U.S. homes access Netflix

Its Total Audience Report Q4 2014 also found that SVOD households are wealthier and watch more content.
March 12, 2015

More than 40% of U.S. homes had access to a SVOD service as of November 2014, according to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report Q4 2014, released on Wednesday. Nearly nine tenths of that 40% (36% of all households) were Netflix users.

Amazon came in second, with 13% of U.S. homes using the service, while 6.5% had access to Hulu Plus. Nielsen found that 13% of homes use multiple streaming services.

It is interesting to note the language of the report, which doesn’t characterize the homes as subscribers, leaving open the possibility that password sharing across multiple homes may play a role in SVOD’s widespread penetration.

Additionally, the report found the vast majority of U.S. TV households have multiple technologies available to them, and those who subscribe to SVOD services make the most of them. On average, SVOD homes watch 10 more minutes of time-shifted TV daily and spend twice as much time using a multimedia device (e.g. Apple TV or Roku) as a typical TV home.

The report also found that SVOD users were wealthier than their unconnected counterparts, with a median income of $74.9K, compared to $54.8K for a broadband-equipped household with no SVOD service access and $24.2K for households with no broadband connection.

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  • Bill said:

    password sharing across multiple homes — this is the new BROADCASTING

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