ELuxe taps into the influence of YouTubers

The company has launched a merchandise site for YouTube creators, called, with opportunities for brands to work with personalities and sponsor content.
March 9, 2015

YouTubers like LaurDIY might have over 1 million subscribers, but eLuxe Media Group saw the potential for personalities like hers to bring in more revenue with her influence, which is why it’s launching a new offering.

The company has launched, a merchandise platform for YouTube creators to design their own branded fashion, beauty and home products.

Working with YouTubers like LaurDIY, CutiePieMarzia and Shoenice, the company is helping the online stars create their own lines and earn incremental income. The deal model has YouTubers earning between 10 and 25% of the revenue from each product sold.

Duke McKenzie, CEO of eLuxe Media Group, says his company works with YouTubers throughout the design, manufacturing and sales process, with the personalities promoting the products on the ReelStyle site as well as on their own channels.

Sponsors can also get on board with the site. Sears Canada is running a campaign with ads on ReelStyle and eLuxe that lead to a microsite with YouTubers modeling clothes from its new spring collections.

ReelStyle’s network of YouTubers has grown to reach over 15 million subscribers in the one month the site has been in beta.

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