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MiCasa brings e-sports news to su casa

The Hispanic millennial-targeting multi-platform network teams with Gaming Grids on the weekly show GameSlot.
March 3, 2015

Gaming is the largest and fastest growing vertical on YouTube, according to recent data from marketing and rights management firm Zefr. And the mushrooming popularity of videogames as a spectator sport is illustrated by the dedicated e-sports arenas planned for locales ranging from Southern California to London.

So it’s not hard to see the logic behind Monday’s announcement that MCB Network Corp.’s MiCasa Network has partnered with entertainment software company Gaming Grids to create a new weekly e-sports news show, GameSlot.

“The rise in e-sports’ popularity has been staggering and the fan base is massive,” said MCB-MiCasa CEO Sean Malatesta in a statement. “There is no shortage of traditional sports news outlets, yet the e-sports segment is underserved. GameSlot aims to remedy this condition.”

GameSlot launches on Tuesday as a mobile video app for iPhone and Android. It will also be carried by MiCasa Network’s 43 over-the-air stations and its IPTV channel.

Headquartered at Los Angeles’s L.A. Center Studios, MiCasa Network is a multi-platform producer and distributor of content targeting Hispanic millennials.

Gaming Grids is a videogame entertainment, mobile software and content distributor based in Las Vegas, with partners ranging from Razer Inc. to the U.S. Army. Specializing in cash-based skilled gaming, it has a complete e-sports tournament platform, with a grid ranking system, public tournaments and progressive jackpots.

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