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Discovery Digital Networks launches Seeker

Seeker targets adventure enthusiasts with a slate of over 50 episodes.
March 3, 2015

Seeker, a new digital adventure network, has been launched by Discovery Digital Networks.

The network’s programming is available on, YouTube and dedicated apps for iOS and Android users, and is sponsored by Michelob Ultra.

Debuting with a 15-series slate and more than 50 online episodes, Seeker offers several series hosted by journalist Laura Ling (pictured).

Ling’s hosted series include Going Off Grid, featuring people who are living disconnected from the world, and Rituals with Laura Ling, which spotlights how people survive and thrive while under pressure and is based on her own experiences as a prisoner in North Korea.

Other programs on the service include Abandonment Issueshosted by Trace Dominguez and which illuminates the forgotten histories of abandoned buildings; Breaking Trail, hosted by adventurer Coyote Peterson; the self-titled Donnie Vincent, a man who delivers a unique perspective on hunting; Kyle Thiermann, another eponymously titled series about a pro-surfer and ocean conservationist; Sixpenny Globe, which follows college grads and best friends  Kelsey Ogden and Kristen Refermat on a round-the-world trip and What I Learned, a travel show hosted by Jason Tongen.

Ling, also director of development for Discovery Digital Networks, serves as executive producer for Seeker, along with Mario de la Vega and Barry Pousman.

Discovery Digital, the web-native video business of Discovery Communications, has a number of networks in its portfolio, including Test Tube, Source Fed, The DeFranco Network, Revision3 and Animalist, featuring 110 web-native series covering current events, pop culture, science and technology.





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