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Collective Digital Studio signs 7 from YouTube, Vine, Snapchat

The signings bring 10 million new subscribers to CDS' YouTube MCN, along with 19 million Vine followers.
February 17, 2015

Collective Digital Studio (CDS) announced on Monday that it has signed seven YouTube, Vine and Snapchat creators to its multi-channel network – FouseyTube, Jon Cozart/PaintWhateverRudy MancusoLogan Paul (below), ItsMattEspinosa and Shonduras.

The YouTube channels represented in the signings bring a total of more than 10 million new subscribers to CDS’ MCN, while Mancuso, Paul and Espinosa have a combined 19 million Vine followers, and Shonduras has more than 224,000 Snapchat followers.

“With pranksters, innovative musical performers and teen heartthrobs joining our MCN, we will continue to attract a young, diverse demographic that is highly engaged,” said Dan Weinstein, president of CDS, in a statement.

Launched in 2011, CDS has a network of more than 800 channels on YouTube. It produces such popular digital series as Video Game High SchoolAnnoying Orange and Epic Meal Time.

Image: screengrab from “Boy Brand – One Direction, NSYNC, Backstreet Parody

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