Who needs music? VH1 goes Behind the Tweet

VH1 has decided to adapt the flagship Behind the Music doc series with a shorter digital offering, Behind the Tweet.
February 11, 2015

Forget Behind the Music: VH1 has moved into the digital age with its latest celebrity web series, Behind the Tweet.

Loosely based on Behind the Music, the highly rated 60- to 90-minute biography doc series that began on music video station VH1 back in 1997, Behind the Tweet is compacted into 2- to 3-minute webisodes that focus on a particularly controversial tweet, then dissects them with the participation of the tweeter(s) and a VH1 social media rep.

Webisodes featuring the first six celebrities – model Brooklyn Decker (pictured, right, with fellow model Chrissy Teigen), comedy duo Key & Peele, actor and TV host Dominic Monaghan, former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams, comedian Hannibal Buress and Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff – premiered simultaneously on and on VH1’s YouTube channel on Wednesday.

Another six, featuring actress singer Jennifer Hudson and The Mindy Project actor Adam Pally,  will be posted in March.

Behind the Tweet is executive produced by Dan Sacher and Warren Cohen, produced by Melissa Smith and directed and edited by Kevin Slack, with Remi Williams as supervising producer.


Here are the Key & Peele and Brooklyn Decker Behind The Tweet episodes, courtesy VH1.

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