Fin Punch 2

Frederator serves up English version of Fin Punch!

The dubbed 18-part Spanish-language series launches a new international acquisition strategy for Channel Frederator Network.
February 5, 2015

Channel Frederator Network announced on Thursday it has acquired English-language rights to the 18-part Spanish-language series Fin Punch! from Chile’s Marmota Studios.

The company will translate and distribute Fin Punch! for English-speaking audiences on its Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel, kick-starting a strategy that will have it looking further into global markets for online animated series.

“The approach we’re taking with Fin Punch! is based off of a standard broadcast distribution strategy,” said Fred Seibert, head of Frederator Studios, in a statement. “(It’s) something that I think can work well for our network as we move forward.”

Created by Matías Latorre, Fin Punch! follows an odd, charismatic dolphin and narwhal whose conflicting philosophies interfere with their attempts to conquer humankind.

The first 2 episodes debut on Cartoon Hangover on Thursday, with 2 episodes bowing weekly thereafter.

Image: screengrab from Fin Punch! teaser video.

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