Millennial parents most likely demo to have Netflix Canada: study

In households north of the border, 60% of young couples with kids subscribe to the service, according to a Solutions Research Group report.
January 30, 2015

A new study from Toronto finds that young families are the most frequent Netflix users in Canada.

According to Toronto-based consumer research firm Solutions Research Group (SRG), 60% of millennial households with kids have Netflix, and nearly half (49%) of single millennials subscribe to the VOD service. The least likely to watch – empty-nester singles, at 13%.

The study also looked at how well Netflix rival Shomi has established its presence in this market.

Undertaken throughout this past November and December and based on 1,000 interviews, the report states that Netflix Canada has penetrated 35% of the 11.5 million Canadian households that have an internet connection.

Time spent on Netflix grew slightly from the previous year, with the study finding 1 in 3 Netflix subscribers spent more than one hour with the service the day prior, up slightly from 2013 benchmarks.

SRG found Netflix also garnered “exceptional” satisfaction scores, with 55% of respondents who are subscribers describing the SVOD service’s value as “excellent,” with another 39% adding “good value.” The biggest bouquet handed Netflix Canada was in its large selection of movies and TV shows, which received a 54% customer approval rate, followed by the perception of a cheap, affordable and good price (20%).

The study also looked at how well Netflix rival Shomi has established its presence in this market: within 30 days of the service’s launch, 54% of those who were polled had heard of it, although only 5% were testing it out. According to the study, 41% of those polled said they have not heard of Shomi.

Image: Netflix handout

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