Hulu deepens Latino content with Flama partnership

The deal includes a new 6-episode original, Saving Lives, starring YouTubers Josh Leyva and David Alvarez, and 4 other titles.
January 23, 2015

Hulu and Flama, Univision’s Latino and English OTT service, have partnered to air 5 web series on Hulu.

The titles include Taking on America, Drop the Mic with Becky G, Chachi’s Dance to Uforia and The Bodega, as well as the launch of a new original series Saving Lives, according to a release.

Saving Lives will star YouTubers Josh Leyva and David Alvarez as two over-confident college guys as they lifeguard on the beach. The series, which runs over 6 episodes with a new one airing each week, kicked off Jan. 22. The rest of the titles are immediately available for binge-watching on Hulu.

Taking on America, Drop the Mic and Chachi’s Dance, all center around kids in the music industry on their respective roads to success, while The Bodega features a pair of brothers’ get-rich-quick scheming.

Flama is a multi-platform digital network that targets 15- to 30-year-olds, with English-language content made by and starring young Hispanics. The agreement is a bid by Hulu to deepen its content for Latino audiences.

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  • theo trapalis said:

    Great move by Hulu to capture a younger Latino audience. This builds upon its capture of an older audience after acquiring the rights to some classic telenovelas from yesteryear.

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