Overstock.com plans OTT service

Patrick Byrne, president of the Amazon competitor, says the new service will provide access to 30,000 titles and move into original content.
January 21, 2015

Digital retailer Overstock.com, which specializes – as the name implies – in selling off overstocked goods at cheaper prices, plans to get into the streaming service game.

Announced yesterday at NATPE, the service will be available for Club O members (a paid loyalty program that offers rewards like free shipping and discounts), through a partnership with an unnamed third party that owns the rights to movies and TV shows. However, the service for members – of which Overstock claims to have 25 to 40 million unique visitors each month – will also include games, music and eventually original content.

“Unlike some OTTs which have the platform and are trying to drive traffic, we have this tremendous traffic and we’re just trying to figure out what it is they’re looking for next,” said Patrick Byrne, CEO at the retailer in a press conference. As the number 2 mass-goods digital retailer, he adds he thinks this will be a competitor to Amazon’s existing OTT services. “I think the industry wants to see a competitor to Amazon develop for across-the-board digital distribution,” he said.

There will be 30,000 titles available for streaming, with 1,000-plus titles available off the bat that it knows customers are looking for, said Byrne. It may also move into SVOD, allowing folks to rent or buy the content at a later date. It is expected to launch in mid 2015 .

Image from NATPE

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