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Will Hollywood abuse big data culled from streaming video?

Can stats gleaned from digital platforms lead to over-engineered content? IBM's Richard Maraschi gives StreamDaily his analysis at CES.
January 6, 2015

Netflix has reached “the nirvana for marketers” by getting consumers to self-select and create “super-granular” personalization algorithms, said IBM’s Richard Maraschi at the CES Digital Hollywood event “Big Data Revolution for Digital Marketing” on Monday afternoon.

But, given Hollywood suits’ love of cover-your-ass consumer testing and market research, is there a danger that this super-granular data could be used as a gun for studios to shoot themselves in the foot with sterile, over-engineered entertainment content that’s stripped of the creator’s personal voice?

After the panel wrapped, StreamDaily spoke with Maraschi, who serves as IBM’s global solutions leader for advanced analytics, and posed the question to him.

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