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Blog: CES kicks off with cars, drones and of course, booze

Gadgets hawked at CES are nearly overshadowed by the tech they bring covered with, including elaborate digital cinema rigs to smartphones on sticks.
January 5, 2015

The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) doesn’t officially kick off until Tuesday, but Las Vegas is already teeming with tech-obsessed hordes, clamoring for a peak at the latest gadgets.

The corporate presentations began on Sunday at the cavernous Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Chevrolet gave a 30-second sneak peek at its 2016 Volt hybrid, which will have its official unveiling at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week, while PC graphics card maker NVIDIA announced its new Tegra X1 “superchip” for mobile devices.

Sunday’s main attraction was CES Unveiled Las Vegas in Mandalay Bay’s South Seas Ballroom C, a media-only event featuring vendors hawking everything from a Wrestlemania-branded pinball machine to the Bee diabetes monitoring device from Vigilant, which transmits insulin injection data and glucose levels to smartphones and tables via Bluetooth.

Items such as new 3D printers, dash cams and drones drew attention from the assembled media, but the tech they were covering was almost overshadowed by the tech they were covering it with, which ranged from elaborate digital cinema rigs to smartphones on sticks.

As it was a press event, there was ample free food and booze available. A blueberry lemonade cocktail was the evening’s specialty drink, but a bartender queried said she was serving “mostly foreigners” who ordered beer, wine and water. Okey-dokey.

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  • Cyrus Weinstein said:

    Booze is primarily the reason. This is really all about Vegas and not really about the new gadgets. I think if this show were held in Fresno, half of the number of people would go. There is such a build up by all
    the reporters going and then by Day 2, most are hungover and unable to post new entries. Here’s a blog by media executive which tells what really happens at CES:

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