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‘More ways to slice and dice content’ in 2015: Nathan Sedlander

Look back, look ahead: The StarMaker Interactive co-founder expects many more players and platforms targeting niche audiences to launch next year.
December 19, 2014

StreamDaily is asking some of the top execs in online video about the biggest trends of 2014, and some of the areas of opportunity they’re looking forward to next year. Below is a recent interview with Nathan Sedlander, co-founder and president of StarMaker Interactive.

What was the most important trend this past year that you think helped shape the online video industry?

The massive proliferation of mobile technology and accompanying applications have made video creation and consumption ubiquitous. Whether you’re a 13-year-old in the U.S. or a 35-year-old in India, access to online video is at your fingertips. YouTube reports that 40% of its video is being consumed (on mobile), and it’s growing. Mobile video capture has significantly affected our world as we know it, from video selfies to law enforcement accountability to discovering the next superstar.

What are the biggest trends you’ll be watching to help grow your business in 2015?

The world is communicating through video, and innovative new video platforms are making it work for everyone. Sure, YouTube can handle just about any video. However, compressing your message down to a 6-second Vine can sometimes better communicate an idea, and a video on Facebook connects immediately to all your friends and family. There will be more players, platforms that operate in specific verticals to reach targeted audiences, more ways to slice and dice content and more connective tissue between video content than ever.

Is there a particular player that you feel is poised to make a splash?

We love the Tastemade platform. It’s and end-to-end video platform focused on food. Its mobile app stitches together scenes to create an easy restaurant review anyone can publish. By focusing on a vertical with meaningful inputs and outputs, the content is relevant, interesting and helpful.

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