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ScrewAttack readies for battle with new series

Founder Craig Skistimas says the 5 new shows bowing in January are a good example of how the gaming community has matured over the years.
December 16, 2014

Gaming-centric entertainment company ScrewAttack announced its 2015 lineup on Monday, featuring 5 new shows and 3 returning series.

The first new show, Death Battle Breakdown!, will debut on Jan. 2, with the remainder rolling out over the subsequent two weeks.

Founded in 2006 by Craig Skistimas and Thomas Hanley, ScrewAttack started as a website catering to the gaming community, with videogame news, trailers and podcasts. This past March, it was purchased by Fullscreen. Its YouTube channel has racked up more than 1.38 million subscribers and 350 million views.

“We’re always looking to bring a new audience to ScrewAttack while ensuring existing viewers get what they’ve always come to us for,” Skistimas says. “Just as the gaming community has matured, so has ScrewAttack over the years – although some may argue that. Ultimately, we want our content to hit home with anyone who plays games: male, female, ages 10 through 99. Obviously some of our content is more mature than others, but I think we’ve put together a lineup that has something for every gamer to enjoy.”

Skistimas adds that, with its purchase by Fullscreen, “we’re able to take advantage of more resources to enhance our lineup while keeping the content authentic.”

ScrewAttack’s new shows are:

  • Death Battle Breakdown!: A companion show to ScrewAttack’s hit series Death Battle, in which the creators give a live post-show analysis, answer questions from the audience and give a sneak peek at the next episode. Premieres Jan. 2.
  • The Desk of Death Battle: Jocelyn the Intern (voiced by internet personality Lisa Foiles) guides the viewers through moments from popular videogame, comic and anime characters. Premieres Jan. 4.
  • Available Now Podcast: A up-to-the-moment overview of the latest games – what’s new, what’s coming and what’s worth or not worth playing. Premieres Jan. 6.
  • Great Moments in Gaming History: Hosted by ScrewAttack co-founder Skistimas. Premieres Jan. 7.
  • Who is…: An exploration of the origin stories of film and comic book characters. Premieres Jan. 14.

The returning ScrewAttack shows are ScrewAttack Top 10, Reasons We Love and Hate and The Best Ever!

All the new shows being produced in-house by ScrewAttack. They will be available on the ScrewAttack’s YouTube channel and

Gaming remains one of the hottest digital video verticals, as demonstrated by the continued popularity of #1 YouTube star PewDiePie (32.8 million subscribers, 7 billion views) and Amazon’s $970-million purchase of live videogame streaming platform Twitch in August.

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