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Rightster’s Charlie Muirhead on the year of choices

Look back, look ahead: We ask the London-based exec about the biggest trends of 2014 and what he's looking forward to next year.
December 12, 2014

StreamDaily is asking some of the top execs in online video about the biggest trends of 2014, and some of the areas of opportunity they’re looking forward to next year. Below is a recent interview with Charlie Muirhead, founder & CEO of Rightster.

What do you think was the biggest digital video trend or industry shift in 2014? 

2014 proved to be the year that 2013 threatened to be. It’s been the year in which we’ve seen the emergence of new “at scale” video platforms with high engagement. The rise of Facebook video, which reached over 1 billion views a day in October, highlights this shift perfectly with Ron Amram, senior director of marketing at Heineken USA, recently telling Adweek that the brand’s digital spots – in 3 days – were exposed to the newsfeeds of 35 million Facebook users, producing 5.5 million views.

In turn, whilst YouTube is still absolutely dominant in online video and an incredible place for creators, platforms and networks with engaged audiences can now build “at scale” viable online video business of their own. This has created even more excitement and even more difficult choices for both content owners and advertisers in an already fragmented market.

What do you think will be the biggest trend affecting your business in 2015? 

2015 will see YouTube continue to grow and alternative platforms continue to scale, achieving higher engagement through the introduction of (new) monetization models and providing more advanced analytics to consumers and brands. In turn, content owners and advertisers will want to find a way to effectively monetize across all of these platforms to achieve the best ROI on their content.

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