Look back, look ahead: A year-end chat with Mia Goldwyn

Reflecting on the biggest industry trends of 2014, the StyleHaul exec says the galvanizing power of social impacts the MCN's distribution and marketing.
December 9, 2014

StreamDaily is asking some of the top execs in online video about the biggest trends of 2014, and some of the areas of opportunity they’re looking forward to next year. Below is an excerpt from a recent interview with Mia Goldwyn, chief content officer at StyleHaul.

What are some of the biggest trends in online video that stood out for you over the past year?

A big trend this year that I have noted is the power of social across the board to galvanize people. By social, I mean YouTube, which is the largest social network among millennials. What Twitter is doing is very, very cool. I’m [also] fascinated by Snapchat. I think that there’s been an amazing emergence of these social platforms that are highly engaging, which I think is exciting. It’s been an amazing driver of content, a resource for the marketing of content and it’s something that we definitely rely on across the board for our distribution strategy.

From a brand perspective, I think a lot of brands are really starting to push the envelope and test things and really experiment in digital, which I think is great. And as a result of that, you also see that a lot of the ad revenue is shifting to digital, which I think is a testament to the business.

There have been a lot of new distribution platforms emerging, from Samsung’s Milk Video to Jason Kilar’s upcoming Vessel. Most seem to be focusing on mobile. What are your thoughts on how the different platforms are affecting distribution? 

Close to 50% of our viewing is on mobile, so I think we’re already there (with YouTube). I think the way that the users create their content is organic and native to mobile. When it comes to the long-form original programming that I’m spearheading, it’s a matter of just optimizing for mobile and thinking about it. For example, when we launched Web Therapy we had a very strategic approach to how the content will be consumed on YouTube; how the content will be consumed through the landing page that we designed and what content will be there; [as well as] how the content will be optimized on mobile. And then we had a social strategy wrapped around it to drive between each of the destinations and to amplify the experience. You have to be conscious of it and program for it.

What’s one program you think will make a big splash next year?

I’m actually really excited that YouTube is also getting into the original space under Alex Carloss. I think that they’re going to do great things, and I think it only validates and supports the efforts that we’re doing, that Machinima, Maker Fullscreen — that all of the MCNs are doing.

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