Vimeo goes 4K

The video sharing service unveils a high-def download option for its Vimeo Pro members - but still no 4K streaming.
December 8, 2014

With retail floor space filling up with scores of new Ultra HD televisions for holiday shoppers, Vimeo announced on Monday that it is adding 4K support for its Vimeo PRO members.

Users with a Vimeo PRO membership (cost: $200 a year) can make video files that are rendered and uploaded in 4K (3840 pixels × 2160 lines) available as 4K downloads. Additionally, any creator planning on selling their work on the company’s self-distribution platform Vimeo On Demand can now include a 4K download option for anyone who buys their film.

Earlier this year, Vimeo had success with two popular VOD titles that featured the 4K download option — the third season of Video Game High School, and A Film About Coffee.

Vimeo does not yet offer 4K streaming, a feature that YouTube has offered since 2010.

Image: A Film About Coffee/Avocados and Coconuts handout

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