A recipe for vlogging success? Not quite

Influicity column: Despite attracting hundreds of thousands of views, one creator still struggles to carve out a living on the world's largest video site.
December 8, 2014

We’re back with another profile from StreamDaily and Influicity, a Toronto-based adtech company that enables brands to work with rising YouTube stars.

Even with the rise of lucrative brand deals, merchandising and even mainstream media exposure, many popular YouTube creators are still struggling to carve out a living on the world’s largest video site. With over 600,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, Tammy is one such example. Fans tune in to watch the baker craft creative recipes like her Pepperoni Pizza Cake (pictured).

Her weekly videos typically reach 30,000 to 100,000 views, yet brands are still offering to send her a “free toaster” in exchange for a sponsored video. “I have not accepted any as none were offering funds to go with the free products,” explains Tammy, who prefers not to use her last name in the media.

Influicity spoke with Tammy about her accidental rise to one of the most-watched baking channels on YouTube.

YouTube channel: Yoyomax12

Category: Food & cooking

Total Reach: 647,260

Influicity Score: 53*

How did you get started on YouTube?

tammyI created my YouTube account in 2006 in order to comment on a video. I became friends with a group of YouTube vloggers, and in 2008 I began posting vlogs. I used to talk about my life and family and post recipes for fun. Some of my recipe videos started getting lots of views, and I applied for YouTube partnership and became a partner in 2010. My channel focus has since gone away from vlogs to recipe videos exclusively.

How do you decide what to make in each video?

I mainly look for things that I think are good and that I would like to try. I also try to take advantage of current popular food trends. My viewership is young, and I make many fun, colorful things that I think they would find appealing.

What’s your take on multi-channel networks? Ever been approached?

Approached by many, none accepted. I have yet to find one that can guarantee results for the cut they are taking. I may join one if the right terms are offered.

Who are your fans? Can you give us a sense of their breakdown based on your social channel stats?

The majority of my viewers are females between 18-24 from the United States.

Where do you see yourself in a few years from now?

I want to continue to grow my channel and build my video library. I am looking at different ways of generating income (brand deals, different video hosting platforms, merchandising) apart from YouTube. I hope to have enough money coming in so that I can retire earlier from my “day job.”

Influicity ( is an influencer exchange and activation platform, empowering advertisers to search, select, measure and collaborate with influencers on YouTube and across the social media universe.

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*Used by clients when formulating pricing, the Influicity score is a number between 1 and 100.

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