Maker signs 5 toy review channels

Through imaginative voice-overs and toy unboxings, channels like TheEngineeringFamily use the platform to display Disney toys.
November 25, 2014

Maker Studios has signed 5 popular toy review channels, the MCN announced Tuesday.

Through the partnerships, Maker will work with the creators — many of whom use the channels as an opportunity to play with their kids through voice-overs and unboxing — to optimize content and facilitate sponsorship opps. Videos will also syndicate across Maker’s online platforms. The new channel partners are:

  • DisneyCarToys: One of the most popular toy channels on YouTube (1.1 million subs), featuring consumer products from films like Frozen and Cars, as well as TV shows Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Peppa Pig. The family behind it is known for creating narrative content from the perspective of the toys.
  • HobbyKidsTV: A channel about toys like Play-Doh, Lego, and games in which HobbyMom and HobbyDad perform unboxings, reviews, and build-and-play with the help of their HobbyKids. The channel attracts over 58 million views every month and has 270,000 subs.
  • TheEngineeringFamily: dedicated to helping viewers with toy purchases, the channel has garnered over 60 million views in the last month and has over 300,000 subs.
  • ToysReviewToys: An unboxing and review channel that features Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys, Play-Doh and Barbie. It’s run by the same family behind DisneyCarToys, and attracted more than 30 million views in the last month.
  • AllToyCollector: an all-ages channel featuring toys from Disney’s Frozen, Brave, The Little Mermaid and the Disney Princess. It attracts over 20 million views every month.

“Maker is providing us the opportunity to be a part of the Disney magic in ways we could not have imagined on our own. As super fans of the Disney brand, we couldn’t be more excited about this partnership,” said Sandra (pictured) of DisneyCarToys, about the Disney-owned multi-channel network.

Channel partners will have access to all types of brand integration opportunities, not just Disney toys.

“Toy review channels have captured the imaginations of families around the world and become the authority on the hottest toys on the market, as well as one of the fastest-growing genres of family programming online,” Chris M. Williams, chief audience officer, Maker Studios, added in a statement.

Featured image: Screengrab of a recent video from DisneyCarToys

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