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Big Frame signs 11 YouTubers across multiple verticals

Some of the talent will stay with their current MCNs and not join Big Frame's owner, AwesomenessTV.
November 15, 2014

Talent management company Big Frame, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AwesomenessTV, announced on Friday that it has added 11 YouTube creators to its roster.

The new signings are beauty and fashion gurus That’s Heart, Arden Ricks/Arden Rose and Aspyn Ovard; comedy and lifestyle creators Lauren Luthringshausen/Lauren ElizabethAva Gordy and Kevin Droniak/This Kid Needs Medicine; SDK sketch group members Josh SoboJonah Green and Ryan Abe; artist Mary Doodles (pictured) and gamer Lisa Malambri.

Several of the new additions are notable in that they will be staying with their current MCNs instead of joining AwesomenessTV. Elizabeth, Ovard and Rose will stay with StyleHaul and Malambri will remain with Maker Studios.

“As a leading digital management company, we are starting to build formats and IP that will move across multiple entertainment platforms,” said Larry Shapiro, co-president of Big Frame, in a statement. “These key signings deepen our roster of female lifestyle creators and also establish a cornerstone for comedy talent at Big Frame.”

Shapiro is a recent arrival to Big Frame. He came to the company last month from Fullscreen, along with fellow managers Andrew Graham and Rana Zand.

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