Machinima Heroes Rise

Machinima dons new brand identity

The gaming-centric MCN unveils a new tagline "Heroes Rise," along with an invite-only talent management program and upgraded support tools.
November 10, 2014

Gaming-centric multi-channel network Machinima announced on Monday that it is rebranding itself with a new tagline, “Heroes Rise,” along with a new multi-level talent management program and support tools.

Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein said the company has spent the past 7 months building out the team and programming capabilities to better serve partners within the multi-channel network.

“Machinima needed a brand identity that reflects our position as the most notorious purveyors and cultivators of fandom and gamer culture and is worthy of the passion and aspirations of our millennial audience and creators,” said Gutstein in a statement.

As part of the initiative, Machinima also unveiled its new Level Up talent program. The highest level is M-Black, an invite-only level for the MCN’s largest content partners where members will get 1-on-1 support from an assigned member of its talent relations staff, access to Machinima’s content development and production team, brand activation opportunities and all services provided to other levels.

The next level, also invite-only, is M-Red, designed for talent with a solid following that has demonstrated a strong potential for growth, where partners will get advanced analytics and online tools, programming training and brand activation opportunities. For entry-level partners, there is M-White, offering basic support, analytics and access to DIY tools.

Content partners will also be able to take advantage of Machinima’s new talent management system. Dubbed Console, it provides partners with an array of tools and information, including earnings reports, in-depth analytics, support and, for those who qualify, brand activation opportunities.

The website has also been reworked to make navigation easier and give users direct access to key features, including Console.

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