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Whistle Sports scores $7M from Sky Broadcasting

Sky, one of Europe's biggest sports broadcasters, plans to use Whistle Sports to increase its reach with younger, mobile-happy fans.
October 29, 2014

U.K. telecommunications giant Sky Broadcasting announced it has invested $7 million in the cross-platform digital network Whistle Sports.

Sky’s multi-platform Sky Sports division is the European home of English Premier League football, Formula 1, International Cricket, International Rugby and European Tour and U.S. tour golf.

Sky Sports plans to harness its content and relationships with major sports bodies to work alongside Whistle Sports’ talent network, which includes the Lakers’ Jeremy Lin, ultimate Frisbee champion Brodie Smith and Steve Roberts of STR Skill School. It’s part of the company’s plan to increase penetration into online and mobile platforms and reach a younger audience.

Launched in January, Whistle Sports has been building a large library of videos covering basketball, baseball, soccer and football, as well as niche sports such as football freestyle, skateboarding, trick shots and ultimate Frisbee. It currently has more than 190 channels with more than 8.3 million subscribers and 1.25 billion views.

The Sky deal is the latest in a string of recent moves by Whistle Sports, including opening a London office in September and the launch of a new basketball vertical last week.

Image: screengrab from “Gillette Stadium Trick Shots | Dude Perfect.”

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