Men’s lifestyle MCN launches with Tony Hawk’s channel

Complex Media's new multi-channel network will focus on 5 verticals - pop culture, music, fashion, sneaker culture and sports.
October 24, 2014

Complex Media, a digital publisher of men’s lifestyle magazines, has launched it own YouTube network consisting of 40 channels, including Tony Hawk’s Ride.

Hawk’s skateboarding channel (pictured in screengrab) is one example of the new relationships Complex has formed for the launch of the MCN, as well as Hes Kicks and Jacques Slade, which both target sneaker enthusiasts.

“Many of the partnerships are new but in line with Complex’s brand ethos being on the edge of what’s next in music, style, sneakers, skate, pop culture and more – what we call convergence culture,” says Nathan Brown, GM of video at Complex TV, in an email.

Other partnerships with creators that were forged under Complex Media’s previous activities in the video space are now extended to YouTube, where Complex will be in charge of monetizing the content.

Complex currently produces 23 original series as well as one-off productions, which will now be funneled into the 5 verticals within the new MCN (pop culture, music, men’s fashion, sneaker culture and sports). It creates shows such as Magnum Opus and Riff Raff Realm, along with Complex News, which produces 15 video news stories daily. The company will source talent for original video programming from its own network, as well as from outside creators.

“We are looking for influential voices appealing to youth culture across our core categories,” Brown says. “We are not always looking for the biggest subscribers or most views but the most influence and credibility in these topics. We do not aspire to be a horizontal, broad-reach network but a…curator of what’s cool to our culture.”

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